Automatic trailer stretch brake for ARION CMATIC

Aug 05, 2021

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A new 'automatic trailer stretch brake' option for CLAAS ARION tractors with CMATIC transmission stabilises the tractor-trailer combination on slopes and slippery surfaces in order to prevent the risk of jack-knifing and includes a range of additional convenient features.

Automatically safer
The new automatic stretch brake function for CLAAS ARION 500/600 tractors with CMATIC transmission and air brakes helps relieve the burden on the driver in difficult conditions such as driving heavy trailers downhill and working with square balers, round balers, baler-wrapper combinations and trailed crop sprayers on slopes. With four new functions to support the driver in many different situations, the system automatically activates the trailer’s air brakes as soon as critical thrust forces are exerted on the tractor that potentially could result in the trailer jack-knifing. The system operates using sensors in the transmission to record engine torque and transmission loads going through the drive train.

Brakes engaged automatically on decelerating
The driver can actively increase the braking action of the combination when driving downhill by pulling back the drive lever in auto mode or the DRIVESTICK in DRIVESTICK mode. This increases deceleration by reducing the transmission ratio and increasing the engine speed to match the forward speed. For maximum deceleration the air brake engages automatically to reduce the trailer’s ground speed and stretch the tractor-trailer combination.

The automatic trailer-stretch function can also be used with active cruise control speeds up to a maximum 20 km/h. On gentle slopes and with lights loads, the cruise control speed is automatically maintained by activating the pneumatic trailer brakes; on steep slopes and with heavy loads, exceedance of the set cruise control speed is reduced. This function can be used when working on slopes with square balers or trailed crop sprayers, providing an enormous safety boost in addition to significantly reducing the driver's workload.

At low operating speeds the thrust when driving downhill is automatically detected and the combination is maintained at the speed predefined by the accelerator pedal.

For added convenience, automatic trailer stretch brakes also assist with reversing trailers, forage wagons and balers by triggering the braking action as soon as the driver initiates a change in direction using the reversing lever or the button on the CMOTION control lever. This feature also protects the grass sward. The pulsing action of the brakes effectively prevents overheating with automatic braking assistance.

The automatic trailer stretch brake is available from summer 2021 and can be retrofitted to ARION 500/600 built from 2021 onwards.

Source : CLAAS Group

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