Why Farmers Who Donate Receive More

Sep 30, 2014


A new initiative launched by the Liberal government helps give assistance to those who support our communities. The tax credit is simple; farmers who donate their produce to food banks will receive 25 percent of fair market value of their products. If by chance you have already donated earlier this year, your donation can still be claimed as of January 1, 2014. The Ontario Association of Food banks are thrilled about the tax credit. They believe all individuals and families should have an opportunity to have access to healthy local food.

The tax credit is important for several reasons. It gives farmers credit for produce that might otherwise go to waste. Donations are important to food banks, but farmers still have a livelihood to maintain. This tax credit supports farmers, food banks and parents who have difficulty in providing nutritious food for their families. There has been an increase in buying locally to support our economy. Local farms play a vital role in providing food that we can trust in. Supporting and buying locally continues to do more than just providing a fresh plate of food.

This tax credit is an opportunity to create a lasting and positive impression on our community. It gives and provides a little more to those who are involved. From producers to receivers - this has implications for all parties. It gives us an opportunity to provide nutritious food to those who need it most; and at the end of the day don’t we all deserve the finest that Ontario has to offer.

If you want to donate or learn more visit Ontario Association of Food Banks

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