Vintage John Deere Tractors Bring More than Money

Oct 01, 2014

There were few things that could hold back collectors from a John Deere auction held recently in Highgate, Ontario. Bidders came from all areas, including as far away as Texas to take part in the vintage tractor auction. Mike Shackelton, auctioneer for the event, defined the sale as the largest he has ever been involved in.

The event took place 5 years after the passing of Ray Burns, late husband to Ann Burns who hosted the auction. Ray passed away on a trip to Montana that would have added a Waterloo Boy to his collection. Ann understands that owning and maintaining the collection ray had amassed would be challenging. The auction was difficult for Ann as she felt she was losing a lot of what remained of Ray. Ann would not part with all of Rays belongings as the family would remain with some of the John Deere Tractors in remembrance of Ray.

The auction was difficult for Ann but extremely successful. With more than 50 main items, over 200 skids of miscellaneous items and nearly 70 John Deere tractors sold at the event. The auction was able to raise more than $300,000 for all the items sold that day. Prices varied at the auction from $25 for smaller vintage items and up to thousands of dollars for John Deere tractors that were scarcer and fully restored.  

Ann Burns will continue to own AO, D, L, R as well as GP models that will eventually be restored by East Kent Club members. Ann remembers her husband for his sly humour and of course his love for his John Deere tractors.

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