Hope for the Worlds Farmers in A Changing Climate

Sep 30, 2014

By Farms.com

Climate change is a term that has become common in the news, but only recently has the world begun to notice its devastating effects on the planet. The causes of climate change are as vast as the issues they cause in our everyday lives. We see the effects of this crisis through our crop yields and weather conditions, while others face droughts, tsunamis, hurricanes and super storms. While some may argue the legitimacy of the changing climate, many are living the negative impacts and are struggling to survive in a rapidly changing world.

As of 2013 the planet has 7.125 billion people, scientists believe by 2050 that number will have increased to at least 9 billion. This increase in population presents an extremely difficult situation that the world needs to solve if it ever wants to reduce world hunger and poverty rates. Climate change is a crisis that will affect all people on all continents. It is estimated that agricultural production will need to increase by at least 60 percent if we are to have a real chance to feed these 9 billion individuals.

As of September 24, 2014, the Obama administration initiated the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture. The initial concept for this alliance was formed 8 months ago when international delegates met at a global conference in South Africa relating to agriculture and food security. The purpose of the alliance is to preserve the environment while ensuring economic growth on a broad level. This alliance will initiate several tools to assist agriculture production as well as supporting farmers on issues they face in severe weather conditions, such as drought, flooding and extreme weather. The alliance plans on combating climate change by educating farmers on sustainable agriculture, promoting low carbon growth and developing policies that assist producers in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The crisis that the world faces today and tomorrow are significant. There is no one clear path that will steer us from the threat that we face, but it seems as though action is finally taking place. While this Global Alliance seems to be taking on a colossal task, there has been significant progress in combating pressures that the underprivileged face today. One of the first foreign policy acts by the Obama Administration was Feed the Future. This policy has led to a significant increase in nutrition for 12.5 million children throughout the world. It has supported over 7 million farmers towards increasing their yields, their wages and assisting them in exiting the cycle of poverty. Change is difficult for any of us, but change has already begun due to the crisis that is climate change. To learn more, visit Global Alliance

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