Upgrading Your Farm Equipment with Retrofitted Technology

Upgrading Your Farm Equipment with Retrofitted Technology
May 01, 2024

AgRevolution Offers Solutions for All Budgets 

By Ryan Ridley

Daniel Stansbury, AgRevolution’s General Service Manager, recently explained to Farms.com how farmers can improve their operations and get better returns on their investments without buying brand new equipment.  

AgRevolution retrofitting services can upgrade existing planters, sprayers, and tractors with the latest precision agriculture technology. 

This approach allows you to address specific needs and stay within your budget. 

AgRevolution's team of Precision Ag Advisors can assess your farm's needs and recommend compatible technology from various manufacturers. 

Stansbury explains that retrofitting a planter can involve adding features like new seed meters and advanced monitors for improved seed placement and data collection. 

Upgrading a sprayer can include precision spray systems and automatic boom control for more efficient application and reduced waste. 

Tractor upgrades can involve integrating technology from different brands to allow implementation from various manufacturers according to Stansbury. 

Importantly, retrofitting can also include adding auto-steer technology, which can significantly reduce fatigue and improve overall farm safety. 

By helping farmers become more efficient and productive, AgRevolution's retrofitting services contribute to a more successful and sustainable agricultural industry. 

Watch the video below to learn more about AgRevolution’s precision ag solutions. 

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