Shorter, stronger popcorn - Purdue and Ag Alumni seed's D16

Feb 01, 2024


Purdue University's latest agricultural innovation, a short-stature corn variant named D16, is set to transform popcorn production. Licensed exclusively to Romney's Ag Alumni Seed, this breakthrough focuses on popcorn, avoiding modifications to other corn types.  

The development stems from a decade of research, employing traditional, non-GMO breeding techniques to enhance the resilience and sustainability of popcorn crops. 

The key advantage of D16 lies in its stature. Shorter plants are less prone to environmental damage, reducing the risks of lodging and contamination that can plague taller crops.

This trait not only ensures a cleaner harvest but also facilitates easier field management and the potential for denser planting, leading to improved yields and resource efficiency. 

Ag Alumni Seed's commitment to advancing D16 includes fast-tracking hybrid development and extensive U.S. field trials planned for the next growing season. These efforts will determine the commercial future of D16 hybrids, potentially setting a new standard for popcorn cultivation. 

By combining Purdue's research prowess with Ag Alumni Seed's agricultural expertise, the D16 project exemplifies the power of collaboration in solving pressing farming challenges.

It highlights a shift towards more sustainable and efficient farming practices, offering a glimpse into the future of agricultural innovation and the ongoing quest for crop improvement. 

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