Introducing Toro's Battery-Powered Riding Lawn Mowers

Introducing Toro's Battery-Powered Riding Lawn Mowers
Jul 08, 2024

60V TimeCutter Has Removable Battery Packs 

By Ryan Ridley

Toro is excited to unveil its latest innovation in farming equipment: the 60V TimeCutter Series. 

This new lineup includes two models tailored to meet diverse farming and landscaping needs—the 42-inch and the 54-inch versions. recently connected with Toro’s senior product manager, Clint Briscoe, to learn more about this battery-powered riding lawn mower. 

The 42-inch TimeCutter is equipped with four 10-amp hour battery packs and is designed without the MyRIDE system, catering to those who need efficient, standard mowing solutions.  

On the other hand, the 54-inch model enhances comfort with the MyRIDE system and offers increased power with five 10-amp hour battery packs, along with an additional 4-amp battery pack. 

This array of batteries not only supports longer tasks but also ensures that you have enough power for smaller, more precise jobs around the farm. 

One of the standout features of the 60V TimeCutter Series is the versatility of the battery packs. Whether you choose the four amp or ten-amp option, these batteries are interchangeable among a wide range of Toro products.  

“You can put them in one of our handheld products like a pole saw, a string trimmer or leaf blower,” explained Briscoe. “Or if you live in a snow climate, you can take the same batteries and you can put them in one of our 60V two-stage or our 60V single stage products as well.” 

This interoperability provides convenience on the farm, allowing seamless transition between tasks regardless of the season.  

By integrating such versatility into the TimeCutter Series, Toro continues to innovate and bring you practical solutions for maintaining your farm properties.  

This series not only offers robust performance but also the flexibility needed to tackle a variety of jobs, making it a valuable addition to any farming operation. 

Take a closer look at the TimeCutter Series in the below video. 

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