Global recognition for women farmers in 2026

May 07, 2024


The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2026 as the International Year of the Woman Farmer. This initiative, championed by the USDA and endorsed by more than 100 countries, aims to elevate the status of women in agriculture and tackle the challenges of global food security.

During the announcement, U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield and USDA Deputy Secretary Xochitl Torres Small underscored the pivotal role women play in agriculture across the globe. They stressed the importance of providing women farmers with equal access to resources, education, and leadership opportunities.

The focus of the International Year of the Woman Farmer is to promote sustainable practices and enhance the representation of women in decision-making processes within the agricultural sector. This initiative will work towards more resilient food systems where women are key drivers of innovation and development.

The USDA has committed to transforming the national food system to be more inclusive and supportive of women farmers. This involves creating fair markets and enhancing local production capabilities, ensuring that women are not only participants but leaders in shaping the future of agriculture.

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