Climate corps to foster new generation of Agri-Leaders

May 07, 2024


In an ambitious move to strengthen agricultural sustainability and climate resilience, the USDA has announced the selection of 28 organizations to host trainees under the Working Lands Climate Corps (WLCC). This initiative is a core component of President’s broader American Climate Corps effort, aimed at building a skilled workforce adept in addressing environmental and climate challenges through innovative agricultural practices.

The WLCC focuses on providing practical, hands-on training to young individuals, helping them develop the necessary skills to lead in the fields of conservation and climate-smart agriculture. Trainees will be involved in a variety of activities, from conducting field surveys and designing conservation practices to engaging directly with farmers to promote sustainable techniques.

The program is set to foster a new era of conservation leaders who are well-versed in the complexities of modern agricultural challenges and committed to implementing solutions that enhance productivity while preserving the environment. Host organizations will collaborate closely with federal and state conservation staff, ensuring that the training is comprehensive and impactful.

With the launch of, young people across the U.S. are encouraged to apply and take part in this transformative initiative. The WLCC not only promises to equip them with essential skills but also offers a pathway to meaningful careers in environmental stewardship.

This training initiative underlines the USDA’s commitment to advancing President’s vision of a robust, climate-aware workforce that contributes positively to America’s agricultural legacy and global food security.

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