Farming and agriculture carve out a niche on TV

Dec 12, 2014

Shows focus on farms, family, and reality

By Diego Flammini,

If after a long day, watching celebrities drive around Hollywood isn’t enjoyable or your favourite team has the night off but you still want to enjoy some time in front of the TV, there are some shows related to agriculture that you might find interesting.

Farm Kings

Revolving around the King family in Pennsylvania and their farm, Freedom Farms. Divorced mother Lisa King, her nine boys and daughter Elizabeth try to balance raising chickens, and raising one another. It’s available on Great American Country.

The Farm

A Swedish-born reality/game show that spawned a two-season version in the United Kingdom, it follows standard reality show format. 12 people must live together on a farm and perform regular agricultural duties including raising animals. Contestants who are in danger of being eliminated compete in “The Duel” to save their spot.

Prairie Farm Report

Part of The Rural Channel in Canada, Bill Wilson hosts the half hour documentary-style that looks at families running their own food productions and how to make them run efficiently and earn more profits.

America’s Heartland

Currently in its 10th season, America’s Heartland strives to give viewers an inside look at the people and processes involved with bringing food to the United States and around the world. The show even travelled to places like Egypt, China and Morocco to demonstrate how American agriculture impacts global economics.

Farm Queens

From Great American Country, this show revolves around Chet Welch, a respected pageant coach in Pennsylvania. He takes beauty queen hopefuls, strips of them of their tiaras and sashes, and replaces them with work gloves and boots.

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