They really do have the whole world in their hands

Dec 12, 2014

A celebration of farmers

By Diego Flammini,

When it comes down to it, whenever a meal is served almost anywhere in the world, a farmer is to thank. From the milk in the morning cup of coffee, the sandwich at lunch, and the Christmas turkeys that will make their way to dinner tables in a few short weeks.

The tireless work and countless hours spent in the fields by the people who work in agriculture have not gone unnoticed or overlooked.  United Kingdom-based Farmers Weekly, is marking their 80th birthday with the release of a farmer tribute video to the tune of “Whole world in their hands”. 


It is similar in tone to the video “So God Made a Farmer” released in 2011 based on the Paul Harvey’s speech to the Future Farmers of America in 1978.


The "So God Made a Farmer” speech is the basis for the tribute, and is also the inspiration for countless others tributes and videos dedicated to people in the agricultural sector.  The most recognized tribute being the 2013 RAM Truck Super Bowl Commercial of So God Made a Farmer.    


As we all prepare for our holiday celebrations that likely include a great feast made possible by farmers, it seems appropriate to share all three videos. 







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