Farm Safety Course Equips Youth with Vital Skills for Agricultural Work

May 23, 2023

By Jean-Paul MacDonald,

The Nebraska Extension Center, in collaboration with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, organized a farm safety course aimed at empowering youth from Lincoln County and beyond. The course specifically catered to teenagers aged 14 and 15, enabling them to obtain a valuable certificate that qualifies them to work on farms at this age.

The significance of this course, emphasized by coordinator Ellen Duysen, lies in equipping young individuals with essential knowledge about farm safety. While many of these teenagers may already have hands-on experience in agricultural work, they might lack comprehensive understanding of safety protocols and proper medical procedures in case of emergencies.

Duysen stressed the long-term importance of such training, noting that these teenagers may continue working on farms well into their senior years. Therefore, it is crucial to adequately prepare them for a lifetime of safe and responsible farm work.

By providing comprehensive farm safety education, the program aims to instill vital skills and awareness in the youth, ensuring their well-being and promoting a culture of safety in the agricultural sector.

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