Did you know your poinsettia could be local?

Did you know your poinsettia could be local?
Dec 13, 2023

Rekker’s Garden Centre cultivates holiday joy, one poinsettia at a time!

By Denise Faguy
Photo Credit: Pexels David Levinson

Nestled in the heart of Clarington, Ontario, Rekker’s Garden Centre has become a hub for poinsettia cultivation, playing a pivotal role in bringing the festive spirit to homes across Ontario. Annually, this local greenhouse cultivates an impressive 150,000 poinsettias, which find their way to major retailers such as Costco and Canadian Tire, as well as local fundraisers.

Owned by Gerard Prins, Rekker’s Garden Centre has been nurturing poinsettias for over 55 years. These plants, synonymous with the holiday season, are a staple crop for the greenhouse. The centre focuses on red, white, and pink varieties, with red poinsettias comprising 85% of their production.

Understanding the seasonal nature of poinsettia demand, Rekker’s strategically manages its production, they could produce more plants, but they don't want to over-grow, highlighting the importance of aligning supply with the peak holiday demand. The plants require specific light and darkness conditions to flourish, with shorter days in September triggering their vibrant colors.

Rekker's operates two locations. The sight of these bright red and green plants against the white walls of the greenhouse is a hallmark of the holiday season.

Large retailers like Costco and Canadian Tire pre-book their orders, ensuring they have ample supply for the holiday rush. By mid-November, these poinsettias are in peak color and ready for distribution. For efficient delivery, Rekker’s uses large rolling racks and boxes, depending on the customer.

This business is more than just cultivation; it's about keeping a tradition alive. The operation employs 25 people wholesale, with additional staff for packing and trucking. After the Christmas rush, the greenhouse staff enjoy a well-deserved break before gearing up for spring planting.

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