Corn and soybean planting continues amid unfavorable weather

May 14, 2024


According to the latest USDA Crop Progress Report, U.S. farmers have nearly completed half of the expected corn planting for the season, currently standing at 49%, which is behind last year’s pace by 11 points and the five-year average by 5 points. The emergence of corn is at 23%, indicating a slow start to the season.

Soybeans have seen slightly better progress, with 35% of the crop now in the ground, which is just above the five-year average by one point but 10 points behind the pace set last year. Among the soybeans, 16% have emerged, showing steady growth under challenging conditions.

Particularly slow planting rates have been recorded in North and South Dakota for soybeans, highlighting regional struggles with the weather. Conversely, spring wheat planting is ahead of expectations at 61% complete, with notable advances in North Dakota and Minnesota.

The winter wheat crop shows mixed health, with 57% headed and half rated as good to excellent, while a significant portion, 18%, remains in poor to very poor condition.

This USDA report provides essential insights as farmers navigate the complexities of the season, influenced heavily by prevailing weather conditions and varying regional challenges. The data serves as a crucial tool for agricultural planning and response as the planting season continues.

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