Canada and Saskatchewan Invest $25M in Agriculture Research

May 14, 2024


Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Lawrence MacAulay, and Saskatchewan’s Minister of Agriculture, David Marit, jointly announced a $25 million investment in 15 strategic research chairs at the University of Saskatchewan's (USask) College of Agriculture and Bioresources.  

This funding, part of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, supports critical areas like crop genetic improvement, livestock development, food and bioproducts, and soil and environmental studies. 

"The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to funding evidence-based research initiatives to better serve our agriculture sector. Providing stable funding to attract and retain leading scientists in key strategic areas increases the competitiveness and resilience of Saskatchewan’s agriculture sector and our provincial economy along with it." - David Marit, Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister 

This investment will empower researchers at USask to drive advancements in agricultural practices, addressing key challenges and opportunities in crop production, livestock management, and sustainable food systems. 

“This investment in USask research is an investment in the success and sustainability of Saskatchewan’s agriculture sector. USask researchers are advancing innovative solutions that meet the needs of farmers, industry and consumers.” - Angela Bedard-Haughn, Dean, USask College of Agriculture and Bioresources 

Through strategic research funding, the collaboration between the federal and provincial governments demonstrates a commitment to supporting cutting-edge research that benefits farmers, industries, and consumers. 

The $25 million investment signifies a significant boost for agricultural research in Saskatchewan, highlighting the importance of partnership and innovation in driving growth and resilience in the agriculture industry. 

This initiative underscores the shared vision of governments to strengthen Canada's position as a leader in sustainable agriculture, fostering economic growth and environmental stewardship. 

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