Canada Invests in AI Technology to Combat Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

May 20, 2024


Canadian farmers are getting a high-tech weapon in their fight against herbicide-resistant weeds. A new project led by Protein Industries Canada will develop an AI-powered system to detect these problematic weeds early on.  

This will allow farmers to target specific weeds with the right herbicides, reducing waste and improving crop quality. 

The project involves a collaboration between Precision AI, Geco Strategic Weed Management, the Global Institute for Food Security, and Sure Growth Solutions. 

They'll build upon existing technology and develop a new software application that uses drone and satellite imagery to analyze individual weeds in a field. This advanced AI system will then alert farmers to potential herbicide resistance issues. 

"This investment in AI technology is crucial for Canadian agriculture," said Protein Industries Canada CEO Bill Greuel. "It will create benefits throughout the entire food chain, from farmers to consumers." 

The new technology offers several advantages. Farmers can reduce their reliance on herbicides, leading to more sustainable practices.  

Additionally, by targeting specific weeds, they can improve crop yields and quality. This, in turn, benefits food manufacturers who rely on a consistent supply of high-quality ingredients. 

"By using AI for early detection and precise herbicide application, we can fight back against resistant weeds," said Dan McCann, founder of Precision AI. "This project will help Canadian farmers protect their crops and ensure a secure food supply." 

The project is funded by Protein Industries Canada and several partner organizations, with a total investment of $6.2 million. This initiative is part of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, which aims to promote the use of AI across various industries in Canada 

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