Boosting global markets - U.S. corn and soy's impact on meat exports

Mar 05, 2024


During the Commodity Classic gathering in Houston, the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) leadership, including Randy Spronk from Edgerton, Minn., emphasized the critical support of corn and soybean producers in the realm of red meat exports. Their contribution is instrumental in the ongoing success and sustainability narrative of beef, pork, and lamb exports worldwide. 

The year 2023 showcased the significant consumption of U.S. agricultural products in the export markets, with red meat exports utilizing nearly 513 million bushels of corn and 97 million bushels of soybeans. These figures, valued at over $3 billion and $1.4 billion respectively, underline the vital role of these crops in supporting the agricultural export industry. 

Financial backing from the Soybean and Corn Checkoffs further fuels USMEF's international marketing efforts, which aim to increase the consumption of grains and oilseeds through livestock feed. This strategy not only benefits the red meat export sector but also promotes the global movement of U.S. agricultural products. 

The collaborative efforts between grain and livestock sectors enhance the U.S. agricultural economy and contribute to a sustainable future. It highlights the importance of integrated farming practices and global marketing strategies in maintaining the United States' position as a leader in the global agricultural market.

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