Battling wheat foes - Nebraska's new hero

Jun 12, 2024

Battling wheat foes - Nebraska's new hero


University of Nebraska–Lincoln addresses the threat of fusarium head blight with NE Prism CLP, a resilient wheat variety developed by researchers Katherine Frels and Stephen Wegulo. This innovation offers a lifeline to Panhandle farmers facing unprecedented fungal challenges.

Fusarium head blight poses a significant risk to wheat crops, diminishing yields and contaminating grains with harmful toxins. Unusual weather patterns in 2023 facilitated its spread in western Nebraska, prompting urgent action from researchers and growers alike.

NE Prism CLP emerges as a beacon of hope, combining genetic resistance with strategic fungicide use. Supported by federal funding, the university's research endeavors underscore the importance of proactive agricultural practices in mitigating climate-related risks.

Wegulo's research emphasizes the influence of climate change on disease dynamics, highlighting the need for adaptive strategies in agriculture. As precipitation patterns evolve, farmers must stay vigilant and leverage tools like online risk assessments to protect their crops.

Through collaborative efforts and ongoing innovation, Nebraska's agricultural community stands resilient against emerging threats, ensuring the sustainability and prosperity of its wheat industry.


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