AGI Celebrates Delivery of 2,000th NECO Grain Dryer in Omaha Manufacturing Facility

AGI Celebrates Delivery of 2,000th NECO Grain Dryer in Omaha Manufacturing Facility
Apr 17, 2023

Employee Dedication and Advanced Technology Drive AGI's Success in Grain Drying Solutions

By Denise Faguy,

AG Growth International Inc. (AGI) recently celebrated a major achievement at its manufacturing facility in Omaha, Nebraska. The company marked the delivery of its 2,000th AGI NECO mixed flow grain dryer, a flagship product of AGI that has gained global recognition for its sophisticated drying technology.

“It took us almost 25 years to get to our 1,000th dryer, and we we’ve been able to get to our 2000 dryer in just the next 8 or nine years,” says Lee Goldhorn, Manager of Customer Service & Technical Support, AGI NECO.

“This style of dyer is becoming more and more popular. We’ve put a lot of new technology into the grain dryer. Farmers love the ability to see the dryer on their phone or laptop,” explained Goldhorn.

The AGI's NECO dryer is designed to heat kernels evenly to avoid damage, and it can effectively dry all types of grain, seeds, and nuts. Its screen-free operation and computerized moisture control deliver consistently higher quality grain and heavier test weights per bushel with optimized value for customers.

“The Farmers are doing the real work out there, planting and growing and harvesting. Our part is to be able to offer our technology to farmers and customers around the world who are feeding the world. We are excited to be part of that."

The Omaha facility and 85-employee team combine hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology to build grain dryers for use by farms and commercial grain operations in North America, as well as abroad. The NECO legacy of quality craftsmanship, engineering, and innovative design has expanded into new product lines and technology enhancements focused on advancing in-unit grain circulation, conditioning, and drying.

The success of AGI's NECO dryer was celebrated with a special luncheon attended by employees, members of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and the business and civic community. AGI leaders recognized team achievements, honored the longstanding positive economic impact on the city, and announced AGI's #3,000 Dryer Challenge.

AGI is a provider of solutions for global food infrastructure, including seed, fertilizer, grain, feed, and food processing systems. With manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Brazil, India, France, and Italy, AGI distributes its products globally. The company is committed to advancing technology and delivering quality products to its customers.

Watch the video of Goldhorn reviewing the benefits of the AGI NECO mixed flow grain dryer,.

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