3-in-1 Versatile Pond Net

3-in-1 Versatile Pond Net
Jan 05, 2024

Photo Credit: Aquascape 

Tear through and easily remove unwanted debris/string algae?

Braxten Breen 
Farms.com Intern 

Spring has sprung and everyone is happy, until of course, you have to clean up the pond.  Or it’s been hot for a while, and now algae is growing in your pond.  Sometimes you need more than a pond net, you need Aquascape’s versatile professional-quality pond net called the Pond Shark Pro. 

The Pond Shark Pro not only safely collects fish with its 3mm mesh net, but also allows a farmer to tear through and collect unwanted debris and string algae with an innovative rake integrated into the Pond Shark Pro design.  

The Pond Shark Pro also features a large scrapping blade, to simply scrape debris off rocks, gravel, and any other objects in the pond. The scrapping blade will also help guide any debris into the net, creating an efficient scoop every time. 

The handle itself is extremely durable made up of steel that will extend up to 96” long with the net itself measuring in 9” diameter, making it easy to reach those hard-to-reach places or towards the middle of the pond.  

This cool tool can help make your pond maintenance easier and more efficient.   

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