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Gotta Get Mooving! - Dairy Farming 2023

Jan 16, 2024

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Video: Gotta Get Mooving! - Dairy Farming 2023

From field prep to seeding, silaging, making hay and feeding cows there is lots to do. This was the first year we had custom chopping for all of our silage.

We don't own all of the equipment in this video, some of them are custom crews: Mulching Liquid Manure Chopping/Trucking/Packing -rented the Pottinger Disc

We strive to grow good quality feed for our cows, and provide an excellent environment for all of our cattle to thrive and stay healthy through the changing seasons. We enjoy producing the best kind of milk (real from a cow) and overcoming the challenges faced when milking and feeding cows every day of the year!