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Cover Cropping on the Canadian Prairies

May 04, 2022

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Video: Cover Cropping on the Canadian Prairies

Webinar presentation (November 3, 2021) putting cover cropping into context for Canadian Prairie farmers and stakeholders and describe what type of farms are using cover crops, why farms are using cover crops, cover crop agronomy, what benefits and challenges farms have experienced, and what could be done to enable cover crop use.

The 2020 Prairie Cover Crop Survey was developed to provide information to farmers, agronomists, researchers, policy makers, and government organizations. A total of 281 early adopters of cover crops took part, growing 102, 539 acres of cover crops across every major agricultural region of the Prairies.

This survey of early adopters compliments on-farm and traditional small plot research at the University of Manitoba to understand the short and long term effects of cover crops on soil health and crop productivity in Prairie Cropping Systems.