Trimble Announces New Insertion Flowmeter and Software for Enabling Utilities to Reduce Non-Revenue Water Loss

Jun 06, 2019

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SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 6, 2019—Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) announced today a new insertion flowmeter and comprehensive digital water management solution for monitoring flow and pressure to reduce non-revenue water (NRW) in drinking water systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) enabled solution includes the new Telog® IFM-32 Insertion Flowmeter and latest version of the Trimble® Unity Remote Monitoring software for water monitoring and analytics.
Water utilities throughout the world are faced with the challenge of reducing water losses associated with aging, failing infrastructure. Traditionally, utilities have had limited abilities and solutions for measuring and monitoring flow beyond water treatment facilities where there is access to electric power and communications. Trimble's new products allow utilities to address these challenges by leveraging software and wireless, battery-powered technology to proactively monitor and measure flow. The solution can also identify leakage and NRW in District Metering Areas (DMAs) and in remote locations throughout their water distribution network.   
"Our new wireless, battery powered insertion flowmeter enables utilities to measure flow for DMA analysis at almost any location in their water system," said Alain Samaha, general manager, Trimble's Utilities Division. "This adds an important new product to our smart water portfolio and delivers a complete digital water management solution for reducing NRW and improving operations." 
The new insertion flowmeter in combination with Trimble's Telog 32 Advanced Series family of wireless pressure recorders, Trimble Unity cloud software or Telog Enterprise on-premise software provide utilities a comprehensive smart water management solution. 
Digital Flow Monitoring:  New Telog IFM-32 Insertion Flowmeter
The Telog IFM-32 Electromagnetic Insertion Flowmeter delivers a flexible solution for monitoring flows in water distribution networks. The battery-powered flowmeter is quick and cost effective to install, requiring no interruption to service and enables water utilities to easily measure bi-directional flow in DMAs or water supply zones within the distribution network. The Telog IFM-32 enables utilities to identify the areas of the network with greatest NRW losses and prioritize leak detection and capital investments in those regions.  
The Telog IFM-32 works with both large and small diameter pipes and can be installed throughout a water distribution network, including at pressure regulating valve (PRV) and pressure regulating station locations, to monitor and wirelessly transmits flow data through the Telog 32 Advanced Series wireless recorders.   
For more information on the Telog IFM-32 Insertion Flowmeter:
Smart Water and NRW Analytics:  Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring Software
The Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring software combined with the new Telog IFM-32 Insertion Flowmeter and Telog 32 Advanced Series wireless data recorders provides utilities with a GIS-based cloud and mobile smart water management, reporting and analytics solution. The software provides tools for proactively monitoring, measuring, alarming and analyzing flow trends in DMAs and water supply zones as well as pressure transients that can damage the water infrastructure if gone undetected.
With the addition of Trimble Unity Work Management capabilities, utilities can also streamline office and field operations when responding to events, or planning asset maintenance and repair activities. Combining the full capabilities of Trimble Unity software with the new Telog IFM-32 Insertion Flowmeter and Telog 32 Series family of recorders delivers utilities with an end-to-end solution for reducing NRW, improving field productivity and reducing operating costs.
For more information on the Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring software application:
The Trimble Telog IFM-32 Insertion Flowmeter is available for demonstration and is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2019. Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring software and Telog 32 Advanced Series wireless recorders are available now through Trimble Water and Trimble Water Authorized Business Partners. The solutions are modular and can be purchased separately or bundled.
Source : Trimble News Release