Texas Faces Extreme Drought Amid Corn Growing Season

Jun 19, 2024

As of June 9, nearly all corn in the top 18 corn-growing states has emerged, with minimal drought conditions affecting most states. Texas is the sole state experiencing D3 extreme drought, impacting 2% of its acreage. Additionally, 10% of Texas is in severe drought (D2), 16% in moderate drought (D1), and 19% abnormally dry, with 52% of the state drought-free. Recent thunderstorms have brought significant rain to northeastern Texas, resulting in varied soil moisture levels across the state. Corn in Texas has reached the dough stage in 10% of fields, slightly ahead of average, with 45% rated in good condition.


Kansas is facing severe drought (D2) across 9% of the state, with 24% in moderate drought (D1) and 24% abnormally dry. Despite these challenges, 57% of Kansas corn is rated good, with soil moisture predominantly adequate.

Colorado’s drought conditions have slightly improved, with less than 1% in severe drought (D2). The state saw varied rainfall and some severe storms, but soil moisture remains mostly adequate. Colorado’s corn crop is 64% emerged, with 63% rated good.
Other states like North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska report minimal drought conditions, while states including Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin face abnormally dry conditions. Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio, and Tennessee remain drought-free.

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