Introducing Fendt 200 Series Tractors

Introducing Fendt 200 Series Tractors
Jun 19, 2024

New 200 Series Tractors with Industry Exclusive Feature 

By Ryan Ridley

There is a new Fendt tractor series on the market. 

The Fendt 200 series is available in horsepower ratings from 94 to 124, with models 200S, 200V, 200F and 200P.  

One of the standout features is the integrated guidance system, eliminating the need for additional steering units and providing seamless operation.  

This technology, previously exclusive to higher-end models, is now available in the 200 Series, enhancing precision and reducing workload for farmers. 

Another highlight is the Fendt Vario CVT, ensuring smooth transitions between reverse and forward without the need for clutches or range adjustments. This offers infinite speeds, providing flexibility and control during operation.  

Additionally, the closed-center hydraulics set a new standard in this tractor class, enabling the use of high-demand applications without the risk of overheating.  

You can now efficiently operate equipment such as planters, vacuum motors, snow blowers, and hydraulic augers without compromise. 

The Fendt 200 Series also feature front and rear three-point attachments.  

With three variations available for the front attachment, including position control and load relief, you have the flexibility to customize your equipment to suit specific needs. 

Whether its mowing, snow blowing, or other tasks requiring hydraulic control, the Fendt 200 series provides a solution. 

Watch to learn more about the 200 Series from Fendt in the below video.