Tank Cleanout Part Of Crop Diagnostic Shool

Jul 31, 2020
The Ministry of Agriculture's Crop Diagnostic School went virtual this week from the South East Research Farm at Redvers.
Provincial Weed Control Specialist Clark Brenzil gave the Tank Cleanout presentation this week.
"You can use very good specialty tank cleaners. The recipe that you want there is something that raises the PH and has a very soapy component to it.  So,, that's the thing to really talk to your supplier about and make sure that your cleanout material has those characteristics."
Brenzil says using a soapy cleaner is important after glyphosate as the new formulations include animal fat which can build up in the tank and plumbing.
It's also important to make sure to clean screens and check nozzles.
He notes if you buy a new sprayer it's also important to do a complete cleanout as some companies will take it out for a test drive to check its operation before delivery.
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