Former farmer sells T-shirts to support fellow producers

Former farmer sells T-shirts to support fellow producers
Jul 31, 2020

Jeremy Amble is donating one gallon of milk per shirt he sells

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A former dairy farmer is using his new business to support farmers as they continue to navigate the pandemic.

Jeremy Amble grew up on his family’s Barneveld, Wis. dairy farm with intentions of taking over the operation.

A car accident on May 25, 1991 at the age of 21 left him paralyzed but he still worked on the farm doing bookkeeping and meeting with consultants.

Amble shifted his sights from taking over the farm to applying his interests in art and design to start a T-shirt business, Everlasting Impression Shop, which he runs out of his house.

It’s through this business that he’s supporting his fellow dairy producers.

“Well, farmers have been struggling,” he told Spectrum News. “It’s been a rocky boat jumping up and down. It’s not just a pandemic thing. It’s something that is always a struggle for farmers. It’s the way life is and it’s unfortunate.”

Amble designed a T-shirt with an image of the state of Wisconsin and the words “they farm so we can eat” across the top.

“Essential 365,” “Support Local Farmers” and “#1GALLON@ATIME” also appear on the T-shirt.

Amble is donating one gallon of milk or $3 towards the purchase of dairy products to his local food bank for each T-shirt he sells. Short-sleeved shirts are $20 and long-sleeved T-shirts are $25.

So far, Amble has sold more than 80 shirts.

Amble encourages others to do what they can to support producers as the pandemic continues.

“Do what you can to help out,” he said. “Just remember where your food comes from and if you can get it local, it’s the best.” has reached out to Amble for comment.

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