Soybean Crops Thrives

Jul 18, 2023

Exciting news emanates from the agricultural sector, as the latest Crop Progress report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) unveils significant strides in crop ratings. Corn and soybeans, integral to the nation's agricultural landscape, demonstrate remarkable progress, while wheat crops show encouraging signs of growth. 

Corn, a staple crop, has surged ahead, with 47% of corn in the top 18 growing states entering the silking stage—surpassing the five-year average. 7% of the crop has advanced to the dough stage, exceeding expectations. Encouragingly, USDA ratings show a 2% jump in corn rated good/excellent, reaching an impressive 57%. 

Soybeans, too, have witnessed a flourishing growth trajectory. In the top growing states, 56% of soybeans are now blooming, surpassing the five-year average. Additionally, 20% of the crop has already entered the pod-setting phase, double from the previous week. The USDA's data showcases a remarkable 4% surge in soybeans rated good/excellent, now standing at 55%. 

Spring wheat, a vital commodity, has made significant progress as well. The USDA reports that 86% of spring wheat is now headed in the top six growing states, surpassing the five-year average. Notably, 51% of spring wheat is rated good/excellent, representing a commendable 4% increase. 

On a different note, winter wheat harvest progress falls behind the five-year average, with only 56% completed in the top growing states. Oats, however, paint a more positive picture, with 92% now headed in the top nine oat-growing states. 

These notable improvements in crop conditions bring hope to farmers and the agricultural industry at large. The concerted efforts of farmers, coupled with favorable weather conditions and advancements in agricultural practices, have played a pivotal role in this upward trajectory. As these essential crops continue to thrive, the prospects for a successful harvest season grow increasingly promising. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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