Farms showing off corn maze designs for 2023

Farms showing off corn maze designs for 2023
Jul 17, 2023

Charities and Indiana Jones are some of the themes carved into corn fields for the fall

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Though it’s only the middle of July, the fall agritourism season will be here in short order.

With agritourism, which the United States Department of Agriculture estimated generated $950 million in revenue in 2017, come corn mazes.

These elaborate labyrinths span acres of field and allow farmers to use precision ag at planting time to create pieces of art dedicated to cause, person or interest of their choice.

With that at top of mind, here are some corn maze designs visitors can expect to see around the U.S. this fall.

At Bloomsbury Farm, an agritourist destination in Atkins, Iowa, this year’s corn maze will celebrate 50 years of a nonprofit organization.

The 10-acre corn maze for 2023 is dedicated to Four Oaks, which helps children find foster and forever families.

The maze’s design includes the Four Oaks logo, the years 1973 and 2023, and “50 YEARS” at the top of the maze.

In Kingsville, Md., at the Beachmont Corn Maze, the corn maze’s theme is “Professor Jones and the Museum Heist.”

The six-acre maze is based off the Indiana Jones movies franchise. It includes more than two miles of pathways that have been transformed into an interactive experience for visitors.

In Indiana, a farm in the state is having a corn maze for the first time.

Your Farms in Warrick County is getting into the corn maze craze.

The maze’s design includes the farm’s name spelled throughout it with pumpkins underneath.

“We are beyond excited and can’t wait to have you out at YOUR FARMS this fall!” a Facebook post says.

In some cases, farmers use different crops for an agritourism experience.

In North Carolina, for example, a farm in Hanover County is experimenting with a 10-acre sunflower maze.

The maze at Trask Family Farms is in the shape of a sunflower and will bloom for the next while.

“We planted it two acres at a time,” farmer George Trask told Fox Carolina. “It will bloom continuously for the next three weeks.”

Two acres will bloom up at a time to make a full sunflower, he said.

Do you have a corn maze on your family farm? Let us know on the Twitter page.

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