Rethinking Productivity Never Stops

Rethinking Productivity Never Stops
Nov 25, 2019

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Case IH Magnum™ and Steiger™ Rowtrac™ series tractors give producers several agronomic advantages that help increase productivity.

One example of Case IH Agronomic Design™ is the recent addition of a 21-inch-wide track.  This track reduces the soil ground pressure and offers additional clearance in the root zone for flat row crops and bedded crops planted in 30-, 36- and 38-inch row spacings.

Complexity and unnecessary operations have no place in the business model of top producers. This is why all Rowtracs have automatic track tensioning.

“When you activate a hydraulic valve or turn the steering wheel, the tracks automatically tension to 10,000 psi,” said Mitch Kaiser, Case IH Steiger tractor marketing manager. “There is never a doubt that the tracks are tensioned properly.  This contributes to longer track life, helps reduce cost of operation and increases ROI.”

Whether in the field or on the road, Case IH Rowtrac series tractors provide a superior ride quality. The increased vibration dampening leads to less than a 2% slippage on the track compared to 5% to 8% on a comparable wheel tractor.

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