Research Findings to Enhance Your Soil Management Strategy

Research Findings to Enhance Your Soil Management Strategy
May 18, 2022

Tillage prescription technology is helping growers — including Brian and Darren Hefty of Ag PhD — achieve increased yields, greater planter productivity and healthier soils. New research from Case IH shows why this new concept could become the norm on more operations in the near future. Read on to see how the smallest agronomic adjustments with AFS Soil Command™ tillage prescription technology can make a big difference on your farm — whether you practice conventional or conservation tillage. 


Take a new approach to tillage 

Tillage prescription technology is designed to aid in everything from optimized planting to greater productivity. Applications have led to interesting results — and clear benefits — out in the field, including: 

Increased field speeds 

Research shows tillage prescriptions contribute to increased field speeds, which enhance productivity. In one instance, AFS Soil Command tillage prescription technology allowed operators to increase overall productivity by as much as 9.5%.1    

Tight-window tilling 

The efficiency boost gained from higher speeds can help you perform better soil management during tight windows. For example, this could allow operators to focus on quickly breaking up compaction before moisture or frozen ground causes compaction challenges, which have been shown to reduce yields by as much as 10% to 20%.2

Better crop residue 

Case IH studies have shown tillage technology can lead to better residue coverage than traditional tillage practices — and help prevent erosion.

Greater yields 

Research has uncovered that tillage prescription technology directly contributes to higher yields. One study showed yield increases of as much as 2-1/2 bushels per acre by using tillage prescription technology alone.

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