Rantizo Expands Drone Portfolio with XAG P100 Pro

May 30, 2024

Rantizo has announced an expansion of its equipment portfolio to include the XAG P100 Pro drone. This addition provides spray drone operators with a wider range of options, allowing them to select the best fit for their specific needs.

“At Rantizo, we’re particular about drone technology,” explains Brady Eilers, Chief Revenue Officer. “Our priority is to offer our operators the most optimal choices at competitive prices, enabling them to deliver exceptional service and expand their businesses.”

Designed for operators focused on efficiency and performance, the XAG P100 Pro stands as an industry leader in its price range. In addition to its high capacity for the price point, the drone comes with the ability for battery hot swapping, saving the operator time during reloads.

“We’re excited to include the XAG P100 Pro in our drone inventory, providing more choices for our operators,” said Eric Ringer, VP of Strategy and Partnerships. “Collaborating with another distributor helps us stay at the forefront of the industry and build valuable connections to benefit our customers. Our goal is to offer top-tier solutions for drone operators while serving as a comprehensive resource, guiding them through every challenge with expertise, all under one roof.”

Source : globalagtechinitiative.com
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