Promotions Demonstrate U.S. Beef and Pork Versatility for Foodservice in China

Mar 12, 2024

With China projected to be the global leader in foodservice growth through at least 2026, USMEF is accelerating efforts to expand U.S. beef and pork utilization in targeted segments and markets in China. Promotional campaigns for U.S. beef and pork took place in December and January at multiple outlets of several restaurant chains in Shanghai and five cities in South China. The winter campaigns promoted the superior attributes of grain-fed U.S. product to consumers while introducing alternative U.S. cuts to restaurant chains.

One targeted growth segment is hot pot restaurants, where USMEF is promoting the utilization of several U.S. beef cuts. Major highlights of the winter campaign included promotions with a restaurant group in Shanghai at the flagship outlets of its two hot pot chains. One chain, Shabu Shabu, launched new hot pot dishes featuring U.S. beef loin tail while the other chain, Cou Cou, launched new dishes featuring chuck roll and short plate. Both promotions were successful and eventually expanded into a nationwide campaign at 900 outlets.

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