Pre-winter maintenance - ensuring happy pigs and reduced costs

Oct 11, 2023

As leaves change color, there's a crucial change needed in pork barns: ventilation checks. Brett Ramirez from Iowa State University emphasizes this. With winter knocking at the door, ensuring warm, comfortable barns is vital for both the pigs and the pocket. 

Producers, with their hands full during late fall, can often overlook barn tasks. Here's where the Iowa Pork Industry Center steps in with its Winter Ventilation Checklist AE3553B. A free resource from ISU Extension, it’s a perfect tool to help producers tick off tasks systematically. 

The checklist isn't just a list of chores. It's detailed, guiding producers through tasks that might not always be top of mind. Brett recommends getting it laminated. This way, notes can be made and wiped off, prepping the checklist for another year's use. 

Yet, a word of caution: barns differ. Their systems, setups, and many factors vary. So, while the checklist is comprehensive, producers should tailor their approach, ensuring their barn's specific needs are met. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection