Prairie Livestock Expo Offers Opportunity to Sample Manitoba Meat Products

Dec 09, 2014

Those who attend the 2014 edition of Prairie Livestock Expo in Winnipeg, the former Hog and Poultry Days, will have the opportunity to try some of the products produced by Manitoba meat processors.
Prairie Livestock Expo, an expansion of the former Hog and Poultry Days trade show to include all livestock species, is set for tomorrow at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg.

The 2014 edition will include an educational program featuring speakers from the University of Manitoba, the Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative and Manitoba Hydro as well as the Pork Quality Competition and a retail meat display.
Robyn Harte, a business development specialist swine with Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Development and a Prairie Livestock Expo Organizing Committee member, says "Taste the Best" will provide an opportunity for local meat processors and retailers to display and give out samples of their products to those who attend.

Robyn Harte-Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Development:
The focus of it is really to highlight the types of things that you can get locally or that we make locally.
We get farmers sausage from a number of places across the province, we're going to have hams from Maple Leaf and some bacon and we get chicken fingers and I think we're having dry ribs this time around from the beef people.
It gives people an opportunity to really see the variety.

Then, because we also have the cooler display, it gives people the opportunity to really see the side variety of things that come from the animals that we raise, whether it's loins or crown roasts or kabob meat or turkeys, that type of thing.

Harte anticipates anywhere from 800 to one thousand people will attend this year's Prairie Livestock Expo.
She notes Taste the Best will run from about 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and there will be enough nibblies for about 400 people.

Source: Farmscape