New track widths for AXION TERRA TRAC tractors from CLAAS

May 26, 2022

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Two new track widths enable the AXION TERRA TRAC high horsepower tractors from CLAAS to be used in an even more versatile and soil-friendly manner.

Since the market launch of the AXION TERRA TRAC in 2019, the full-suspension half-track high horsepower tractors have appealed to more and more farmers and contractors throughout Europe and, from 2022, also in selected overseas markets. In addition to heavy and medium-heavy pulling work, e.g. soil cultivation, and thanks to their excellent soil protection, the unique ground contour following with 120mm suspension travel of the drives and the outstanding driving comfort up to 40kph top speed, the tractors also perform far more varied activities, such as spreading organic and mineral fertilizers on fields and grassland, hauling grain or sugar beet at harvest or even the mowing of sensitive meadows.

In addition to the current 635mm and 735mm wide rubber belts, two additional variants are now available for even more versatile and soil-protecting use. For problem-free use in row crops, for example spreading organic fertilizer in crops or working with hoes, CLAAS now offers 457mm/18 inch narrow tracks. Since autumn 2021, the AXION TERRA TRAC has also been available with 890mm/35 inch wide tracks, but the overall width still remains below 3.00m. These belts are ideal for further reducing soil damage and compaction on fields and grassland, and thanks to the active belt control when steering, there is no surface damage when turning tight.

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