New features increase throughput and efficiency

Nov 18, 2021

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Omaha, NE — The newly refined CLAAS PICK UP head, designed for the JAGUAR forage harvester, features a variable, independent drive of the intake auger and pick-up reel that reduces fuel costs and improves pickup capacity.

The redesigned header takes an existing pickup reel and adds a new hydraulic drive, giving it greater adaptability in the field. This allows the pickup reel to be adjusted automatically to the ground speed to match the harvest conditions in the field and the auger speed adjusted automatically to the feed roll speed. In challenging harvest conditions, both speeds can be adjusted manually from the cab, allowing even more accurate crop feeding and consistent crop flow overall.

In order to operate with the dual variable speed header concept, the JAGUAR forage harvester is equipped with an optional dual hydraulic drive, which performs particularly well with the PICK UP. The mechanical drive remains the standard drive option. While the dual variable speed header drive is designed specifically for use with JAGUAR 502 or 499 models, kits are available to fit other models.

“The ability to adjust your pickup and auger speeds independently is a game-changer for farmers,” says Matt Jaynes, CLAAS Product Manager, Forage Harvesters. “Designed with the farmer in mind, the new PICK UP header saves time and money, and leads to improved harvest results.”

Source : CLAAS

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