More Grain in the Bin, Less Grain in the Field with Bushel Plus

Aug 10, 2020

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“The Bushel Plus system has revolutionized the checking-for-harvest-loss process,” says Dave Burgei, S.I. Distributing, Spencerville, Ohio. “A farmer is now able to exactly quantify his grain loss and calibrate his loss monitor faster and safer!”

“It has been featured on the television program CORN WARRIORS USA,” Burgei continued, “but is it proven for soybeans, and small grain such as wheat, oats, barley, canola and rice, as well as corn.

Burgei reported that savings from farmers have been reported anywhere from 2% to more than 10%, when they used the Bushel Plus system.
Burgei listed the four steps in the Bushel Plus process and then explained it further.

1) Magnetic system attaches to any combine.
2) Remotely release drop pan.
3) Clean sample within seconds with the optional Bushel Plus Air Separator
4) Weigh grain with the Bushel Plus scale and quantify results with the Bushel Plus app

The Bushel Plus drop pan system attaches magnetically to the underside of the combine. The pan is dropped remotely during harvesting and collects a sample of chaff and straw from the back of the combine.

After the sample is cleaned with the separator, the remaining grain is weighed and the BP app will quantify the bushel/acre grain loss. You can then make adjustments to the combine to reduce your grain loss.

Manferd Gross of Fort Vermillion owns a Bushel Plus system.  “The entire set has paid for itself many times over and saved us a lot of money and time,” Gross said.

Source : SI Distributing