Last-Minute Planting Decision Resources Available from DuPont Pioneer

Apr 09, 2014

Corn and soybean growers can take advantage of online resources from DuPont Pioneer to make last-minute, planting-time decisions. Growers can visit or download apps for Apple and Android mobile devices to tap into the resources and knowledge of seed industry experts and decades of research. 

  • The Pioneer Planter checklist has nearly 50 color photos and tips to prevent common seeding problems caused by improper set-up, maintenance and operation.
  • Corn and sunflower growers can get planter setting recommendations for their seed and planter combination with a mobile app or online tool.  Growers simply scan the bag tag or enter the seed batch ID and planter make to get the suggested plate or disc size, pressure or vacuum setting speed and singular setting.
  • A Planting Rate Estimator calculates the optimum planting rate and net income per acre based on the hybrid, grain price and seed cost. The calculator is powered by a wide-ranging data set based on extensive testing across a wide array of environments at many yield levels.
  • Growers also can read about corn seeding rate trends and the optimum economic plant population based on the hybrid, location and management practices.
  • An in-depth article on starter fertilizer can help growers decide if they need to boost early seedling growth with easily accessible nutrients before plants establish an adequate root system.

Source: DuPont

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