Innvictis Crop Care, LLC Announces S^3 Technology Launch

Apr 10, 2014

Windsor, Colorado - (AgPR) --  Innvictis Crop Care, LLC,, announces the launch of a patented and proprietary technology.  Developed and tested in 2012 and 2013, Innvictis will be launching 2 products containing S^3 Technology.  S^3 Technology was developed to mitigate pesticide loss and poor performance due to stressful environmental conditions.

Patented S^3 Technology is premixed into crop protection products where systemic activity is key to product performance.  S^3 Technology attaches to the pesticide molecule and leads it through the plant for greater systemicity and better activity.  Greg McManic, Director of Research and Development at Innvictis, highlights Avenger S^3 as the crown jewel of this family.  Avenger S^3 is a three way mixture of Imidacloprid, bifenthrin and S^3.  “To demonstrate the dramatic improvement S^3 offers, we did an extensive C14 test where we radiolabeled standard imidacloprid and Avenger S^3.  The standard imidacloprid, generally known as a systemic product, only resulted in about 14% plant uptake.  The Avenger S^3 demonstrated a 60% level of plant uptake.  That is an incredible difference due to the insertion of the S^3 technology.  Each droplet is essentially super charged.  The benefit to this is that under stressful conditions; whether hot/dry, cold/wet or low water volumes, the droplets that do hit the target are highly active and help mitigate the environmental challenges.  This results in increased efficacy and better control.”

In addition to Avenger S^3, Innvictis has received federal registration for Avatar S^2. Avatar S^2 is a herbicide that combines the active ingredient clethodim with S Technology creating a “supercharged” post grass herbicide.  The benefit to this mixture is that the S Technology will improve the performance of standard clethodim herbicides by improving its systemicity resulting in better and faster plant uptake and better performance in high stress or heavy foliage conditions.  “In the same way that S Technology improves Imidacloprid, Avatar S^2 will be top performing post grass herbicide.  This will be especially evident in hot, dry conditions or where good coverage is difficult to achieve due to environmental or mechanical stress,” notes McManic.

Both products are registered by the US EPA and are expected to be available for the 2014 growing season.

Source: Innvictis Crop Care

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