Jan 25, 2023

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The AEM Industry Advisor is the association’s flagship communications vehicle for sharing insights and information about the industry with AEM members. Regularly featuring articles that focus on issues that are pertinent to member companies, the association strives to provide timely and thoughtful news related to equipment manufacturing. With 2023 just a few short days away, let us look back at the most popular offerings of 2022...

Leadership Pitfalls to Avoid at All Costs -- Not everyone is born with the skills to be a leader, but leadership skills can be developed and refined with time. Having these skills could be very beneficial in career advancement within the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, it's important to avoid actions that may be detrimental to leadership advancement opportunities, as this article outlines in great detail.

The Environmental Benefits of Precision Agriculture Quantified -- Precision agriculture enhances sustainability through more efficient use of land, water, fuel, fertilizer and pesticides. The reduction of cost and environmental impact promotes a positive step towards sustainability, and this article unpacks the data and quantifies the benefits.  

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Turning a Passion for Fitness Into a Business on the Farm

Video: Turning a Passion for Fitness Into a Business on the Farm

Many farmers are entrepreneurs, but Amanda Nigg’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her role as Farm Fit Momma.

Nigg’s business is unique in that she developed the fitness program (on an app) specifically for people who live and work on a farm.

She farms with her husband on his fifth-generation farm in South Dakota.