Idaho - The Farming Giant of the West

Sep 20, 2023

If there was a farming competition in the West, guess who’d take the gold? Idaho! Yes, while California often gets the limelight, Idaho is the real MVP when it comes to farming. 

Here’s how we measure it. Per capita farm income is all about how much each person's "share" would be if we divided the total farming income by the state's population. In 2022, Idaho’s number? A whopping $5,794 for every resident. 

But how did the others fare? Montana came in second with $3,939, followed by Wyoming with $3,296. Meanwhile, California? Well, they trailed at $1,434. 

Bryan Searle, who leads the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, was quick to point out how these numbers show the pivotal role of agriculture in Idaho's life. 

The math genius Brett Wilder from the University of Idaho told us another interesting tidbit. While more people are moving to Idaho, its farming income is shooting up even faster. Just compare $4,392 in 2021 to $5,794 in 2022. That’s a jump of 32%! 

Taking a broader look, farming is no small fry in Idaho. It's behind 13% of the state's entire economy. Plus, one in every eight people in Idaho works in agriculture. 

Curious about the state's top earners? Dairy farms are the kings, churning out $4.3 billion. Cattle farming isn’t far behind with $2.25 billion. And, of course, there’s the iconic Idaho potato, bagging $1.2 billion. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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