Rural commitments from the Manitoba NDP

Rural commitments from the Manitoba NDP
Sep 19, 2023

The party promises to keep the education property tax rebate at 50 per cent

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

With two weeks until election day in Manitoba, is highlighting the promises the three political parties with seats in the provincial legislature are making to farmers and rural communities.

Wab Kinew and the Manitoba NDP formed the official opposition after the 2019 election with 18 seats.

Here’s what his party plans to do for farmers and rural Manitobans if elected on Oct. 3.

In the health care part of the NDP plan, the party promises to:

  • Train more nurses by creating a pathway for licensed practical nurses to become registered nurses in their community,
  • Build a new rural ER in Eriksdale,
  • Doubling the rural doctor recruitment fund,
  • Hire more staff to keep rural health centres open, and
  • Invest in more personal home care beds in rural communities.

When it comes to education, an NDP government in Manitoba is committed to listening “to the local voices of rural communities and families and work with parents and educators to help rural students succeed,” the party’s plan says.

In terms of taxes, Wab Kinew’s party would cut the gas tax to save Manitobans 14 cents per litre.

In addition, the NDP would “keep the education property tax rebate at 50 per cent for residential and farmers,” the party says.

When it comes to jobs in Manitoba, an NDP government would create a group bringing together people from multiple industries.

The party would “create a Premier’s Business and Jobs Council to bring together leaders from business, skilled trades, agriculture, Indigenous communities and labour.”

The Manitoba NDP also promises to reverse changes to Crown Land leases, which the PC government announced in July.

For the Manitoba Liberal promises, click here.

And the PC commitments to farmers can be found here.

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