Houser Named Digital Agriculture Extension Specialist

Feb 09, 2024

By Doug Houser

Doug Houser is passionate about digital agriculture and what it can do for farmers and the ag industry.

As the newly hired digital ag extension specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, his focus will be on communicating digital tools and solutions that can solve problems and improve the lives of Iowans.

“There are many great developments that have already happened with digital technology, and I look forward to breaking down what exists, and how it can be put to use on Iowa farms,” he said.

Houser previously spent more than 20 years with Corteva, most recently working as a digital business manager. He has on-farm experience and knows the importance of technology and precision farming for today’s agricultural industry.

“With digital agriculture, we’re solving old problems with new technology,” he said. “We have drones that can apply fungicide or plant cover crops, and autonomous vehicles that can pull implements. It’s exciting to see the new things that are being made available to farmers.”

Houser is part of the Digital Ag Innovation Lab at Iowa State – a robust group of ag engineers and specialists dedicated to researching and showcasing improvements in digital technology.

With Houser’s help, the team plans to expand its popular Planter University program, to include combines, sprayers and drones.

“We’re thrilled to have Doug join our team and bring along his extensive experience working in the digital ag sector,” said Matt Darr, director of the Digital Ag Innovation Lab and BioCentury Research Farm at Iowa State. “His industry experience, knowledge of agronomy and ag technology, and strong connections throughout Iowa will make him a valuable contributor to our ISU Extension and Outreach mission.”

Houser holds a bachelor’s degree in ag systems technology from Iowa State, and also earned his Master of Business Administration from Iowa State.

He is based at the BioCentury Research Farm between Ames and Boone. He can be reached at

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