This cool tool provides lots of light in an emergency

This cool tool provides lots of light in an emergency
Feb 09, 2024

Photo Credit: Eastwood 

This portable floodlight, also provides a spare flashlight, USB power bank, and speaker

By Braxten Breen Intern 

It is often said that farmers are up from dusk until dawn, but in reality, a farmer is often out working in the middle of the night tackling whatever emergency has come their way, be it an animal in distress, fixing farm equipment, or emergency fixes to a fence.  

Any of these emergencies could need an intense light source, to tackle the emergency efficiently. You don’t need to be left in the dark, you can light the way with an Eastwood LED light. As a bonus you can also listen to tunes or the game at the same time.  

The Eastwood Rechargeable COB LED Flood Light with Speakers is made up of die-cast aluminum housing material with an attachable 4000mAh battery. On the highest setting of 2000-lumens, the battery will last a minimum of 1 hour, compared to a maximum of 12 hours on the lowest setting of 100-lumens.  

Farmers can set the light up freestanding, using any angle and it has a swivel arm that will rotate 180°. Or if you prefer to use the light in a specific spot permanently, the light has a molded bolt hole for hard mounting to a workbench. 

So, let’s say the floodlight is in place to work on your emergency and then you need to find something in the back of your truck and it is dark. Simply remove the battery, hit the switch, and now you have a 60-lumen LED flashlight that can be used for a full 24-hours. Or if your cellphone is running low on battery, you can use the battery as a USB power bank to charge your phone. 

This light also has built-in two 5-watt 35mm (about 1.38 in) Bluetooth speakers that you can use to connect to and listen to your music of the game as you are working.  

Watch this video to learn more about the 2000-lumen portable floodlight. 

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