Hot weather, dry conditions hurt Oklahoma crops

Aug 29, 2023

The Corn Belt's agricultural expanse is under siege from rising temperatures. As per the latest USDA-NASS Crop Progress report, the overall conditions of national corn and soybean have seen a minor dip. However, Oklahoma emerges as a hotspot of concern. 

The state has been battling with soaring temperatures and almost negligible rain, clocking in at a scant 0.04 inches on average. This has taken a toll not just on crops but also on livestock and pasture. Drought conditions have intensified, covering half of the state, reflecting a notable decrease from the previous year. 

Looking at crop specifics, the national corn dough is at 88%, and the overall condition is rated 56% good to excellent. Soybeans are on a similar trajectory, setting pods at 91% and securing a 58% good to excellent rating. Cotton, however, has been at the receiving end, with 44% of it termed poor to very poor. 

Diving deeper into Oklahoma's scenario, both corn and soybeans recorded drops from last week. But peanuts showcased resilience with an impressive 97% good to excellent rating. 

Nearby regions mirror these challenges. Kansas experienced a slide in corn conditions, pegging them at 35% good to excellent. Texas, meanwhile, presented a mixed bag, corn stayed steady at 49% good to excellent, while cotton's health dropped with a 67% poor to a very poor rating. 

Farmers are now dealing with difficult weather conditions, which shows us how unpredictable agriculture can be and how climate change is becoming a serious threat. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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