Hensall Co-op Acquires Idaho-Based Gentec Inc

Nov 03, 2023

In an exciting development for the agricultural sector, Hensall Co-op, an esteemed farmer-owned cooperative, has officially announced the acquisition of Gentec Inc., an Idaho-based leader in the dry bean seed and research market.  

This move represents a significant expansion of Hensall's already impressive product lineup and solidifies its commitment to delivering top-tier agricultural products and services. 

For over forty years, Gentec Inc. has stood as a beacon of quality and innovation under the Butcher family's guidance.  

Their dedication to excellence and strong relationships with growers has carved out a sterling reputation in the industry.  

With the Butcher family at the helm, Gentec Inc. has consistently provided its clients with superior dry bean seeds, along with revolutionary developments in seed varieties. 

Hensall Co-op's acquisition is not just a growth strategy but a fusion of two entities with a common vision of agricultural superiority.  

With a robust portfolio that now includes Gentec's coveted seed products, Hensall Co-op is set to offer an unmatched selection of premium-grade seeds to its members and global customers.  

Brad Chandler, Hensall's CEO, emphasizes that this acquisition will strengthen their position as a pivotal player in the dry bean industry, enhancing their capacity to meet the demanding standards of today's market. 

Jim Barclay, Hensall's General Manager of Crop Services, echoes this sentiment, looking forward to the enhanced range of products and services they can now offer.  

This merger promises a smooth transition for Gentec Inc.'s current customers, who can expect a broadened scope of agricultural solutions, while Hensall's clientele will enjoy access to an even greater variety of high-quality seeds. 

This acquisition is set to create synergies benefiting both Hensall and Gentec stakeholders, signifying a stride forward for both companies.  

Hensall Co-op continues to stand firm on its foundational values of innovation, integrity, and collaboration, ensuring that this new chapter will uphold the cooperative's enduring dedication to its members and the broader agricultural community. 

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