Feds providing $120M to help northern communities with food security

Mar 15, 2023

The Government of Canada is allocating $120 million to help over 100 northern communities implement their own food security programs.

Dan Vandal, Minister of Northern Affairs, PrairiesCan and CanNor, said this funding will help the areas getting hit the hardest by rising food prices and operating costs.

The funds are coming from the Harvesters Support Grant, which provides funding for traditional hunting, harvesting, and food-sharing activities, and the Community Food Programs Fund which provides funding for community food-sharing initiatives including group ordering, and Elder and school meal programs.

“Indigenous and northern communities know how to best support their own food priorities,” Vandal said. “These initiatives are central to our government’s response to food security in the North and Arctic and will help strengthen food sovereignty in northern and isolated communities.”

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