International Zeolite opens Ontario production plant

International Zeolite opens Ontario production plant
Mar 15, 2023

Products will be manufactured in Jordan, Ont.

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A Canadian ag company will begin producing products in Ontario.

International Zeolite’s production plant in Jordan, Ont. has reached operational readiness and will start producing the company’s products later this month.

The company acquired the facility in December 2022.

International Zeolite manufactures nutrient delivery products through its NEREA line.

The plant in Jordan will focus on NEREA products.

These can be described as a “solid-state hydroponics,” the company’s website says. “Where simply water – without pre-mixed nutrients-is added without the need for any additional nutrient control infrastructure, such as: circulating pumps, sophisticated sensors, and/or complicated control and monitoring systems.”

And future expansion of the facility will allow it to produce up to 25,000 kg of products per day.

Having the plant in the Niagara region up and running is an important step for the company.

“This is major milestone for International Zeolite,” Mark Pearlman, president and COO, said in a March 15 statement. “"Growers have been asking to trial our products in both soilless and soil environments. With the production plant in operation, we are positioned to supply commercial trials, moving us from a pre-commercialized environment to revenue generation. With rising fertilizer costs and a demand to reduce greenhouse gases, IZ's line of infused zeolites is positioned to transform agricultural practices and offer a solution for food security issues facing growers and their need to address climate change."

International Zeolite’s products have multiple uses within ag.

These include as animal feed and as a soil amendment.

The company’s products can also be used in industrial and home use applications.

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