Farms Branching Out: Agroforestry Exchange

Mar 04, 2024

Those in attendance took part in a lively discussion about different approaches for land management and possible solutions for the many barriers that farmers and landowners face. Feedback from participants about the most interesting Agroforestry topics will be used to structure future agroforestry events in the area. 

Olivia Kingery, farmer and owner of Pileated Farms in Chatham, MI had the following to say after attending the event: “Agroforestry is the future not just of agriculture, but of living in coexistence with our surrounding environment. It’s important for all generations to slow down to learn more about the practices we need to implement to save the earth.” 

This Exchange was the first for the Michigan team of researchers and Extension professionals who have recently been funded by the USDA and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to help support the implementation of agroforestry practices by small and medium-sized farms. With partners in both Ohio and Wisconsin, the team expects to have more events just like this one across the region. If you are interested in participating in future events, or to host an Agroforestry Exchange on your farm, contact Project Manager, Amanda Curton, at

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